Program Schedule

Program schedule

Program Schedule - 28th Feb 2020 (Friday)
8.00 to 9.00Registration
9.00 to 9.03ICAR song
9.03 to 9.10Invocation
9.10 to 9.15Guest Felicitation by Dr. Jeetendra Verma, President, WVPA (India)
9.15 to 9.20 Welcome by Dr. Jeetendra Verma, President, WVPA (India)
9.20 to 9.25 Welcome Address by Chief Patron, Dr. Raghavendra Bhatta, Director, ICAR-NIANP, Bangalore
9.25 to 9.30 Lighting the lamp
9.30 to 9.35 Report by Dr. Shirish Nigam, Secretary, WVPA (India)
9.35 to 9.45 Address by the Chief Guest Dr. S. Abdul Rahman, Executive Director and Past President, Commonwealth Veterinary Association
9.45 to 9.50 Vote of Thanks by Dr. Shirish Nigam, Secretary, WVPA (India)
9.50 to 10.30Theme Paper 1: Dr. Marcelo Paniago
Topic: Current and future challenges of the poultry vaccine industry
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10.30 to 11.10Theme Paper 2: Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Omar
Topic: Immune Evasion Strategies of Poultry Viruses
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11.15 to 11.30 Tea Break & Poster Display (Online Exam Center)
Technical Session I
Moderator: Dr. Mukund Kadam, NVC, Nagpur
Chair: Dr. D. Nagalakshmi, VC, Hyderabad
Co-Chair: Dr. M. Chawak, Venky's Pvt. Ltd.
Rapporteur: Dr. I. C. G. David, ICAR-NIANP
11.30 to 12.15 Speaker 1: Dr. Jose Luis Losada Torres
Topic: Newcastle Disease: Global Over view on epidemiology and its control
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12.15 to 13.00 Speaker 2: Prof. Dr. Mohamed Nadeem Fairoze
Topic: Black Soldier Fly Larvae - a Novel tool to convert Poultry Waste to Wealth
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13.00 to 14.00 Lunch Break & Poster Display
Technical Session II
Moderator: Dr. P. K. Malik, ICAR-NIANP
Chair: Dr. P. S. Mahesh, CPDO&TI
Co-Chair: Dr. S. K. Das, CVS, Guwahati
Rapporteur: Dr. G. Ravikiran, ICAR-NIANP
14.00 to 14.45 Speaker 1: Dr. G. Dinakar Raj, TANUVAS
Topic: Avian disease diagnosis - dilemma between investigator and investor
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14.45 to 15.30 Speaker 2: Dr. Ong Shyong Wey
Topic: Immune modulation and enhancement of immunity by the use of an adjuvanted solvent (Hipramune®T) in a live coccidiosis vaccine for breeders and layers (Evalon®)
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15.30 to 16.00Tea Break & Poster Display
Technical Session III
Moderator: Dr. Ashish Mishra, ICAR-NIANP
Chair: Dr. Deve Gowda, KVAFSU
Co-Chair: Dr. R. U. Suganthi, ICAR-NIANP
Rapporteur: Dr. Solomon Rajkumar, ICAR-CCARI
16.00 to 17.30 Industry Innovation Showcase
16.00 to 16.15 Speaker 1: Dr. Sanjay K. Gavkare
Topic: Development of Indianized immune complex vaccine -VIPx: Effective approach for intervention of novel vvIBDV infection
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16.15 to 16.30 Speaker 2: Dr. E. Vijayakumar
Topic: Recombinant Technology for ND and MD vaccine strains
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Valedictory Cum Award Session
Moderator: Dr. Shirish Nigam, Secretary, WVPA (India)
Chair: Dr. Raghavendra Bhatta, Director, ICAR-NIANP
Co-Chair: Dr. Aniket Sanyal, IVRI, Bangalore
17.30 to 18.00Best Scientific Paper/ Poster Award
 Speakers & Guest Felicitation
 Sponsors Recognition Memento Felicitation
Day Report: Dr. V. Sejian, Senior Scientist, NIANP, Bangalore
Vote of Thanks: Dr. P. G. Phalke, Treasurer, WVPA (India)
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    February 28th, 2020

    Bengaluru, India


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